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Author Notes

In case it wasn’t clear, the idea is the Carmen is being referred to her by her birth name because it’s the name she used when signing up for the place. Surely, after this first visit for her, she might use her chosen name a bit more passionately. ^_^ And I urge everyone to follow Jessica’s advice. They’re words I live by personally, and I think it’s totally worth passing on. 

This interaction with little Carmen allowed me to cover some important things I wanted to discuss, and possibly offered a bit of development for Rain herself. Sadly, we won’t very likely be seeing much more of her.

At least, not in this story… ;)


Oh, look who made a friend!
Jessica, this is, um...
Oh? Isn't there a name you prefer to that, honey?
Well... I-I want to be... Carmen.
Ah! That name suits you much better.
Nicolas Jimenez! Your turn!
If you want to be Carmen, you've got to own it, honey. Don't call yourself something else to make other people happy. You've got to do what needs to be done to make YOU happy.
Thank you. I will. And it was nice meeting you both.

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