Rain:41: Smokescreen

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Rudy explains to Rain how Maria and Gavin became a fake couple.

Author Notes

End flashback sequence. ^_^

To be fair, some of you have correctly predicted the reason for Maria and Gavin’s “relationship”. Others of you, probably just read the character bios. The rest of you might be surprised… or not? It’s not exactly the most complex logic ever…

Artistic notes: the first panel was a bitch to draw (and I’m still not totally happy with it), but I’m generally pleased with it. Also, I really like drawing Debbie (the spectacled girl in panel 3) for some reason; I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I think it’s just that she’s so different from the other characters in design, that it makes her fun to draw. The second to last panel is also quite noteworthy. The “Maria Raspberry” and especially the “Happy Gavin” faces crack me up. 


As pissed as she was, Gavin did leave her alone after that, and he never told anyone else.
But then, somewhere along the line, they actually started talking again, and even became pretty good friends. I'm not sure what changed though. I mean, maria pretty much stopped confiding things in me.
Imagine that...
Er-hem... yeah. Anyway, they ironically became so chummy with each other, everyone started to think they WERE going out.
So they played along...
And it was Maria's idea too! She figured he might make a safe smokescreen for her; someone who knew her secret and wouldn't take advantage of it. But deep down, I think they were both hoping that if they played the game long enough, she'd just magically stop being gay and everything would work out beautifully for them.
It didn't though. And if you want my honest opinion, I HOPE they broke up. It's better for both of them.
But... I would rather they stay friends...

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