Rain:425: It's Time

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Author Notes

Ah, the moment of truth. This is an exciting and terrifying part of starting transition. After all that waiting, when your therapist comes out and calls your name, it really snaps you back to reality that this is actually happening. (Funny side story: My therapist double-booked on the night of my first appointment, so I kinda had it twice in one night. XD) Rain seems to be holding her own pretty well, but I think she’s had a good mentor by her side to keep her grounded. 

Despite this technically being the last page of the chapter, I still have one more post before we’re ready to move on. And much as I hate to do this, there will also be a small hiatus following the next post. I’m sorry I have these hiatuses so frequently (believe me; no one wants them less than me), but if ever there was a time in which I needed it, it was now. I just have a lot going on all at once and I’m more than a little stressed out.

Again, there will be one more post at the next update. Following that, chapter 18 will definitely begin on November 25th. Thank you for enjoying my work, and for putting up with my incessant hiatuses.


Rain Flaherty?
DO you want me to go in with you?
Are you sure?
I need you to deliver a message.
If you see Carmen on her way out...
...tell her she'll be way prettier than me someday.
I'll relay the message. But for now, you just worry about yourself. Don't keep the man waiting.

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