Rain:428: Lack of Morals

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Brother Arthur tries to warn Rudy about something his father is planning, but Rudy is too on edge to listen.

Author Notes

I didn’t realize until now that it might not be entirely clear, this is all taking place on the same day as the previous chapter.  Rain is still off at her appointment, and everyone else is going about their day.  So Rudy is in Brother Arthur’s office due to what he’d said (or yelled, really) to Drew in the last chapter.  409: A Bit of a Moment

Originally, these were going to be two separate pages, but I think there’s a better flow in keeping them together.  So I did.  And no one complained, I’m sure.

Thoughts?  Is Rudy correct here, or is he being foolish?  And what of Brother Arthur’s cut off warning about Rudy’s dad?  What do we think Mr. Strongwell is really capable of?


Is everything all right, Rudy? You don't normally get sent to my office for yelling at people. That's usually more of a "Maria thing."
Sorry, Brother Arthur. Rain and I broke up last weekend and I guess I'm still a little on edge.
I've heard about it and I am sorry. I'm not exactly well-versed in romance or I might try to offer some advice.
It's okay, really.
My biggest concern is that you're referring to yourself as "gay" again. I know you are and I know that's not going to change-
Then you get it more than most...
...but your father has been threatening to sue the school for the "lack of morals" we apparently impart that "turned both his kids gay". Thankfully, I don't think he can actually do that, but I'd like to avoid such publicity for the school.
I hate that I'm asking this, but-
Then don't. I'm not pretending to be straight again.
I don't care if my mom or my dad or you or the school or whoever doesn't like it. I'm gay. I liked one girl, but it doesn't make me any less gay. It's not my fault is people don't like it. People need to get over it, or mind their damn business.
I see. But may I just warn you, Rudy, your father-
Are we done here?
Yes, Rudy. You may go if you like.

Rudy slams the door closed

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