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Author Notes

Get it? “Hung up”? Oh man, that’s punny. (Or, you know, terrible…) I had a few other titles in mind, but I just couldn’t resist the stupid joke. -_-

I hope you don’t mind the whole “phone conversation” thing. I feel like I use it a lot in this chapter. Admittedly I debated turning this specific scene into an IM conversation just to break it up, but figured it’d be more dramatic to actually have Gavin and Maria physically yelling at each other. Verbal rage for the win (I guess).

I really like this page because I feel like it’s something ANYONE can relate to (making it so delightfully frustrating). I mean, they’re arguing with each other, but they’re kind of on the same side… it’s just a different view from the same side. If they just shut up for a second and listened to each other instead of trying to make their own point, they might even see that. 

(Good times, good times.)


I think you're full of it! You really have no interest in knowing why?
Why what!?
Why he's like that!
I keep telling you, there isn't a reason it's just how he- er... she is!
And you can't keep the pronouns together either, so you must still be hung up on it too.
No! I'm just not used to it yet!
Then we're the same!
No, we aren't! I'm not judging h..er like you!
I'm not trying to judge. I don't want to judge. I just... just...
Just what, Gavin? Spit it out!
I just... I...
Right! That's what I thought! *click*
That jerk. I'm not hung up on anything. I...
I'm just a little confused...
Dammit! Why can't I just say it.
She'd probably understand...

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