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Most of what I remember from my senior year in high school, was girls talking about prom and dresses and limos and whatever else… for like the entire year. Seriously. It used to drive me nuts (maybe I was just bitter for not being able to wear a dress to my prom though). Anyway, my point is, hearing about prom MONTHS in advance was such a notable part of my high school life, that I consider it a personal flaw to have not really talked about it before now. 

Cue popular girls. XD

Can’t help but feel bad for Emily though. You can tell she WANTS to be a part of this. But if she got pregnant in late October, what’s she going to look like by prom in late May? Will she even be able to go?


Oh, that one's cute. It's totally your color, Holly.
You think so? I like the color too, but I'm not sure about the straps on it.
Um... Emily? Don't you want to look at prom dresses?
Yeah, seriously. Shouldn't the prom be factoring into your perfect year?
You know that's long since been derailed. I don't even have a date anymore.
Neither do I. That's not the point.
Besides, I know you, Emily! You wouldn't want to pass up the opportunity to look gorgeous in this little number.
Oh, that is pretty...
No! Forget it. I'm not doing this today.
Look what you did...

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