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Author Notes

Posting much earlier than usual, but I anticipate being busy tonight (not to mention, I want to apologize for being much later than usual the other day). ^_^

Anyway, while the rest of the cast is at school, Rain’s appointment carries on. Initially, I’d considered showing scenes actually displaying the session itself, but it wasn’t doing anything for me. Given Rain’s narration here, it’s worth noting that it would practically just have been recap of things already established through the story itself. So in favor of moving things along, we close this short chapter with a simple sum up of what happened during the appointment.

Apparently, good things happened. I’m so happy I get to post a page that’s not kinda depressing during the holidays this year. XD


The session was supposedly 50 minutes long, but I just couldn't believe that. I felt like we talked for hours. I talked about life at school, and how I was trying to live fulltime as a girl with or without transition. I talked about Maria who had accepted me right from the get-go. About Gavin, who struggled with it so much at first, and yet is now one of my most loyal friends. About Rudy, the boy I used to date despite my true feelings. About Emily, my only friend that doesn't know I'm trans.
And I talked about Aunt Fara, and how without her, I'd never have experienced any of it. I'd never be who I am today. I would still crying from sadness instead of happiness. He had a big smile on his face when I talked about her.
But not once did he ever doubt a thing I said, or try to talk me out of it. He didn't try to tell me that video game and manga are "boy hobbies". He didn't imply my transition would hurt those around me. He didn't even ask what my birth name was.
Instead, he smiled warmly. He showed a genuine interest in what I had to say and told me transition wasn't just recommended but medically necessary for me!
When Jessica said he wasn't a "gatekeeper", I didn't think such a therapist existed. He's amazing though. Nothing like my first therapist. Everything I felt the first one should have been, in fact. It felt too good to be true. I knew I was going wake up any second.
I was wrong though. The best kind of wrong.
This was a dream come true.

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