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A lot gets said here, but I'm not really sure what to add. 

Thoughts on your end are welcome though.



But... What if I wasn't a woman? Do you think they'd be more likely to accept me?
Probably not. Liriel barely takes me seriously for wanting to teach art. A high school dropout singing in a punk band probably wasn't going to win her favor, male or female.
Don't worry about what they think though, Vivi. I think your band is awesome, and you know I love you like crazy anyway.
Yeah, but...
I'm... NOT a woman. I know what I look like on the outside, but I'm a man on the inside.
Fara laughed at first, thinking I couldn't possibly be serious. And then she took it pretty hard when I finally convinced her I meant it.
She actually cried.
But then, to my surprise, she stayed with me. Not just as a friend, but she continued to go out with me. She would ask so many questions about what she should call me and what she could to help me along.
Fara wasn't the first person I came out to, but she responded way better than anyone else.
And I'm so happy to know that Fara has continued to accept so many trans people in her life.
In fairness, I imagine she was better equipped for us because of you. So, you know, thanks.

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