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Remember them? Technically, we saw Aiken and Kellen fairly recently in Vincent's flashback. Although they looked a fair bit different as kids. I guess you could say they've changed a lot in the last fifteen years (imagine that). 

As for modern day scenarios we've seen Aiken as recently Chapter 13. We should all remember that fiasco. Kellen, however, has been out of the picture for kind of a long time. In fact, not only is this the first time we're seeing her since (I think) more than half the story ago, this may also be the first time I've drawn her without her cell phone glued to her head. XD

So why are we finally seeing them again now after all this time? What could this potentially mean for the future? Is the randomized cookie message worth listening to (either one)?


February 2nd, 2013 saturday, 4:14PM

Did you check your fortune cookie yet?
Yeah. "The pie is a falsehood."
God. That stupid quote is so played out...
And how about yours?
"You will come face to face with an issue you've been trying to avoid."
Do you think it's talking about Baby Bro?
No. I think it's a randomized message from a cookie.
Although I guess it's a pretty creepy coincidence...

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