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Author Notes

Not everyone will probably catch on to this, but Rain inquiring about the sex of the baby is a bit... odd. Especially coming out of someone that's trans. Sex doesn't mean much, after all. Gender is the important one, and that might take years to learn (and it would be the kid's job to define that). I mean, whose to say the kid wouldn't be trans his or herself? Or genderqueer? Or some other variation? So why is Rain asking? Maybe she's still oblivious to the possibility that there are a lot more gender variant people out there than just her. Maybe she's just playing along to keep up her stealth around Emily. Maybe she really didn't think about it (she does seem pretty excited to ask). Maybe it's all of the above. In short, take it as you will. Rain's an odd girl.

And speaking of gender variant: Kylie! It's interesting that Emily and Kylie would both have secrets that can be immediately revealed upon seeing each other. Emily turns out being okay with the idea based on Rain's reasoning, but what about Kylie? 

And before anyone asks, obviously Fara would let Kylie know that Emily is there before blindly sending her in. Hence the pronoun-deficient conversation between Rain and Fara.


Knock knock

I wonder who that is.
Um... on a lighter note...
Do you know the baby's sex? Do you have any names in mind?
Not yet. I should be able to find out soon though.
Rain. Emily. It's Ky. Er-hem. Ky...lie. Is that okay?
Ky doesn't go to our school, and could probably even know about your pregnancy without risk.
Ky? Sure, fine. But "Kylie"?
As long as Ky's only with Emily, it's fine, Aunt Fara..
Okay with me? What's that supposed to mean?

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