Rain:463: Friendzoned

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Author Notes

Poor Gavin. The guy just can't ever catch a break. Although, I guess "maybe, possibly someday" is infinitely better than "no". Isn't it?


So, thanks for coming out with me.
It's not a date, right? We're just two friends hanging out at the mall, and absolutely nothing weird is going to happen, right?
Don't worry. It's not a date.
Oh well...
Okay, good. That makes you about the best guy in St. Hallvard. You're like the only one NOT still assaulting me with confessions of love.
Just so we're on the same page, am I getting preemptively friendzoned?
I'm not saying it can't ever happen. Never say never, right? I want to really be in love though. Trust is important to me and I don't know you that well yet. Nothing personal.
That's... actually pretty fair.

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