Rain:469: A Lot of Faces

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Author Notes

Honestly, one of my new favorite humor pages. Gets me every time. XD

She's still internalizing in the last two panels, not hearing a word her friends are saying. Instead, we see her counting the months until prom and realizing it wouldn't be impossible for her dreams to be a reality. Cutting it close in that timeframe perhaps, but still legitimately possible.


What about you, Rain? Any thoughts or concerns about prom?
Oh god, I hope I'll be on hormones by then. Maybe I could have breasts for the prom. REAL breasts! With cleavage! Maybe hips too!
That would be SOOOOO cool. I could wear a lowcut dress and everything!
But how do I know I'll be on them by then? How do I know I'll grow breasts in time even if I am?
She's making a lot of faces but not saying anything. It's weirding me out. What do you think she's contemplating?
Honestly, I assumed she was just trying not to lose a sneeze.

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