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This was another kinda last minute page. Partly because I wanted an excuse to bring up a little dialogue on life post-RuIn. I always hate it when TV shows, movies, books, etc. feature a pair of characters who break up mid-story and it's just suddenly like that former relationship never even happened. It rubs me the wrong way, so I don't want to do that sort of thing. Hence, the plight of Rain, who is still new to the whole "dating-and-then-being-single-again" dynamic. They might still be friends, but that doesn't mean things go right back where they were before.

And out of curiosity, DO you have to bring a date? I know I brought a date to my prom, but I don't recall having to sign a form naming my date or anything (mind you, it was a long time ago). I feel like the whole date thing was just kinda between the two of us, really.


Well, speaking of our super religious school, are you going to try taking a girl to prom? 'Cause I doubt they'll allow it.
I'm sure Maria won't be allowed to take Chanel, for example.
Ah, the perks of being bi. I can bring a boy or a girl depending on what I wear that night.
I don't know if it quite works like that. Also, you don't even go to our school.
I... don't know. Do I HAVE to have a date? If I bring a guy to appease the school, do I have to be attached to him all night?
Assuming I even have a girl TO go with, maybe I could just take Rudy. I'm sure he'd love an excuse to go to prom.
Go to prom, and what? Watch his ex-girlfriend dance with someone else? And without someone of his own to distract him? He might do it, but I doubt he'd be as excited as you think.
Oh. I hadn't thought of that.
I don't mean to get you down, but that's probably something you'll want to think about.

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