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Author Notes

Wait. What? Did... that just happen?

Great. Now we still have to wait for the next update for her to elaborate on what exactly she means by that. Sorry today couldn't be a two-pager. It's 'cause next time had to be. Theories are always welcome though~! ^_^

Either way, now I just sit back and wait for all the "I did NOT see that coming" comments as well as the "I knew it" comments to come in. And who could forget the classic "there are officially too many queer characters in this comic to be believable anymore" comments. (Silly gooses). XD

Honestly though, the next update feels far away for me too... XD


Hey! We should just have our own prom! Screw the schools. It could be the three of us, plus Gavin, Rudy, Maria, Chanel, and... I dunno. Anyone else we care to include?
That's a cute idea and all, Ky, but I'm rather looking forward the big, actual prom.
Don't get me wrong. It's a cool idea on paper. WIthout the schools getting involved, guys could go with guys and girls could go with girls. And if you want to wear men's formalwear, you can. And if let's say Rudy wants to wear a dress again like on Halloween, who cares, right?
Oh? Would you wear a tux?
No. I might consider taking a girl though.

Rain and Kylie are surprised

I don't know why I didn't expect that reaction.

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