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Gavin says he used to have a crush on Allison, and he heard from Rudy that he and Rain still have a crush on the same girl.

Author Notes

I may be mistaken, but I think this is the first time Allison has been shown in the comic outside of Volume 1's bonus chapter. Although, it's younger Allison. Just as we're seeing young Ryan and even young Gavin. It's probably a moot point now, but did Allison not like Gavin or was that just an oversight, do you think?

And then in present day: whoa, Gavin's being rather forward about this. I wonder what this will mean? :D


Actually, can we talk for a minute?
Remember that one Valentine's Day back in elementary school? When they just had us passing out cards to everyone in the class?
Oh, was this the year Allison gave me two cards?
...and didn't give me any? Yeah.
I never told you this, but I had a crush on her too. So I took that pretty hard.
Oh... um, sorry.
It was a long time ago. I'm over it.
But I did hear through the grapevine that we may have a crush on the same girl even now. You like Ana, right?
Grapevine, huh?
Would you look at the time! I'd better be on my way.

Rudy is not wearing a watch

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