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This page was really just meant to be a transition to the coming pages revolving around Maria and Chanel, but turned into a little bit of a venting session through Fara. I don't hear the sort of commentary like from the other teachers around here (thankfully) but I've heard it more than I care for. I grow tired of "as long as it's not my kid" and "people just weren't gay/trans when I was growing up" statements. 

Just proof that wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age if you're not actually trying to learn... >_>


Just head straight to my office, girls.
What's going on here? Chanel's in one of my classes. She's a little standoffish, but not usually a trouble maker.
I think they're lesbians. I heard a student mention it.
I'm sure Brother Arthur will fix the problem.
Kids these days. When did homosexuality become so trendy?
Agreed. I'm just glad my son's not like that. I don't know what I'd do.
I would hope you'd love him unconditionally, regardless, because it's the only right answer.
Both of you need to wake up! This isn't something new. And it's not a trend.
It's one thing to poke fun at me, but you're supposed to be role models for these kids. And yet you sound more like bullies to me.
Your attitudes are disgusting. You don't have to like what they do, but would it kill you to have a little respect for who they are?

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