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I'm finding it hard to write anything else here without saying more than I should.  So I'm leaving the commentary to you.  Thoughts on what Rain says?  On how Rudy reacts to it?  On whether it fits Drew's situation?

And most importantly, thoughts on the fact that Rain just said any of that at all?


I think it's not that your orientation changed. Maybe it was just... repressed.
Being a boy, you were conditioned to like girls. That's what people think is normal, after all. You simply couldn't like boys. That'd be "weird" or even "bad" according to a lot of people.
So you hid it. Not just from others, but from yourself. You had to be straight, so you had to BELIEVE you were straight so that everyone else would believe it too. The fact that you also like girls makes it easier to blend, but perhaps harder to deal with if you have a stronger preference for boys.
And this one boy sort of... triggered something inside you. Reminded you that this is how you actually feel.
Rain? Where did you come up with -
I'm trying to figure myself out too. I might prefer girls. I might not be attracted to boys at all. I'm... trying not to think about it too much right now. But I'm just saying. I think I have some idea of what you're going through.
I mean, I could be completely wrong about you, but your situation sounds really similar to mine.
Is... that why you two REALLY broke up?

Rudy leaves

Yeah. Basically. This stays between us though, okay?
I hope you figure things out soon, Drew. Seriously, good luck.
But whatever answer you come to, don't be ashamed.
Rudy! Wait up.

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