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Author Notes

One of those weird page titles... XD

Octopus plushies used to actually be a pretty common motif in a lot of my stories. I haven't used it in a long time though for some reason. It felt right to bring it back though. 

Oh, and Ana never ceases to be mysterious (and a little quirky).


This is so sweet, Gavin. You even spelled my name, right! That especially means a lot to me.
I hope you don't think I'm a jerk saying so, but I can't accept this. I'm not ready yet. Soon, but... not yet.
You make it sound like you know exactly when you'll be ready. Like you've already marked your calendar for it.
Heh. Um...
Whatever. It doesn't change my feelings, so keep the plush and chocolates.
Oh? Thank you very much.
Listen, I'll probably be gone for a bit after Winter Break. I'm not moving this time. But let's just call it an extended vacation. When I get back, we'll talk.
Until then, Ivan McDorfleton here will keep me company.
Not the kind of cutesy name I was expecting you to give it.

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