Rain:500: Haunting

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Rain wishes Maria a happy birthday, and Maria asks Rain if Emily is pregnant.

Author Notes

Aaaaand Maria drops a bombshell on Rain. Obviously, Emily's pregnancy is real and not news to the readers, but this is still a bit of a development. Why is Maria asking Rain? How will Rain respond?

Also, holy geez.  500 pages~!  Thanks for sticking with me this long, everyone.  Here's to 500 more!(?)  


After school:

See you tomorrow, everyone.
And happy birthday again, Maria.
Thanks, Rain. Don't worry about Rudy. I'll talk to him.
Um... this is really out of the blue, but can... can I ask you something? About Emily?
Is she really pregnant...?
I overheard at the New Year's party. Rather, I eavesdropped. And I wish I hadn't. It's been haunting me, but it's secret so I can't talk about it. And she won't.

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