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Author Notes

So, the background between Maria and Emily is finally officially revealed. It's been a widely popular prediction for a while (not to mention people who bought and read Volume 2 actually already had this confirmed). Comments as of recently lead me to believe this will be a surprise to very few people. So I may have dragged this out a little longer than I needed to. Whoops. Live and learn, I guess. Just like you guys have grown wiser to my tricks and twists, I too am getting wiser in what I may need to do to keep surprising you. Symbiosis! ^_^

All that said, I'm glad it's been officially said at last. It's been hinted at as early as Chapter 2 (albeit, very subtly), so finally getting it out there means I don't have to bite my tongue when such a matter comes up in conversation anymore (there's plenty of other tongue biting instances though). XD

So onto some of the dialogue points. In panel 3 on the first page, I accidentally had the original script have Rain out Emily as pansexual. For some reason, that went undetected for a long time until a recent reread of the previous chapter where Emily explicitly notes that she shouldn't. Still, due to my own slip up, I left the wording to imply Rain almost did. "She told me she's... (wait-a-second-I'm-not-supposed-to-say-that) ...not!" It's not terribly significant, and I don't know that the line was actually noteworthy before the explanation, but I like stuff like that. Kinda humanizes the character a bit.

Speaking of slip ups, Maria is also quite human. In the second to last panel, she notes "I want to stop having to worry about her. And you..." In case this was too subtle, she is implying that she's not over Rain either (followed immediately by backpedaling to . Of course, Rain has been quite unaware of her crush all along, so while Maria's "smooth" cover up in the last panel was indeed baffling to her, the implication flew right over her head.

And now that I've over-explained a page that most of you saw coming from a mile away, I turn the floor to you. Did you see it coming a mile away? If you did, when did you figure it out? If not, what did you expect? Do you think Maria will ever share her feelings with Rain (or at least, do you think Rain will ever find out)? Do you think Maria will ever move on? 


And what would you do with that information?

Rain looks doubtful.

Really! We have our differences, but I'm not so horrible as to spread something like that. This is completely genuine concern on my part.
Can I ask something then: why ARE there differences? You once called her a homophobe. But she told me that she's... well, she's not!
Rain. You're getting... confrontational. That's pretty unusual for you.
Um... Well...
No... I'm sorry. that was bitchy of me...
You really wanna know?
We went to middle school together. We, um... dated briefly, her and I. Well, long enough to get attached and hurt. Badly.
We seem to be getting along better since New Year's, but it's still awkward. It's still hard sharing a table with her when she decides to sit with us.
I'm sorry. Should I ask her not to?
Don't sweat it, Rain. It's not like you're friends with her to spite me.
Do you miss being with her?
I don't want to go back out with her, if that's what you're asking. I have Chanel and I'm happy. I just never fully got over her, and having to silently worry about what she's going through isn't helping. But I want to move on. I want to stop having to worry about her. And you...
Er... I mean, YOU... are her friend... So I want to be able to be friends with her without being reminded of the heartbreak.

Rain has a look of confusion.

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