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And so, Chapter 21 comes to a weird and somewhat abrupt end. If you noticed: sorry. I had a lot of trouble ending this chapter for some reason. I had a moment like two weeks ago when I was starting to draw these pages where I looked at the original script and said, "Wow, this is utter tripe! How did I not notice this in the months since I originally wrote it!?" So these pages are COMPLETELY different from what they were before. It's still a little campy, but at least it's relevant and makes some sense now (making it a huge improvement from the original script). The downside is that I personally think it just feels like any other page. As a random page, it's not terrible. But as a chapter closer, it's somehow clunky to me. I dunno. Hopefully it's just me, but if it it's awkward to you too, I'm sorry. I can guarantee I'll make it up to you with the next chapter.

But if you didn't feel anything was wrong with this page, ignore everything you just read in the previous paragraph! And then look forward to the next chapter~! XD

Also, I finally joined 2007 and started a Tumblr account. Originally, it was just on a random whim, but after a few suggestions, I think I'd like to do an ask blog. It's not set up quite yet as of this writing, but that may change soon if anyone's interested. ^_^


Hey, kiddo. How was your day?
Yeah. I hear you.
But therapy tonight, right? That's exciting.
Sorry. I'm just a little distracted.
Things are going really well for me. But all my friends seem to be miserable lately. Rudy's not over us. Maria and Chanel are forced to hide their feelings for each other. Maria and Emily have a lot of past issues to work out. Gavin's lonely. Emily's lonely... and pregnant.
I mean, it's not perfect for me, but at least I've got transition. I feel like everyone is just perpetually down with nothing really going well for them. I hate it. It actually makes me feel bad for being happy.
I'm sorry to hear, hon.
But don't ever feel bad about being happy. If they care for you as much as you care for them, it'll only make them feel worse to know you're sad because of them
You should try to be strong for them. When you feel your weakest, it's good to know there's a friend looking out for you, don't you think?
On a related note, I want you to know I'm proud of you.
Proud? Why? I didn't do anything.
Quite the contrary, Rain. I remember when I first took you in. You had no friends. You didn't even want friends if it meant you couldn't wear a dress around the apartment. You barely talked to me either.
Frankly, you were really selfish and there were a lot of days I was afraid I was doing something wrong. There were days I worried about your future.
But now, not only do you have a number of close friends, but you're more concerned with their well-being and happiness than your own.
You're changing, Rain. You're growing up into a fine young woman, and I'm extremely proud of you.
And you should be too.
Thanks, Aunt Fara.

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