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Author Notes

Introducing a little bit of Gavin’s home life, including his all too doting mother, Simone. I enjoyed doing this page a lot. Despite the ever present feeling of doom that Gavin gives off throughout Chapter 2, he didn’t actually play a big part, and it was pretty much entirely as a bad guy. As such, it was nice being able to portray him as being a little bit more human again.

In case anyone hadn’t noticed yet, besides the more obvious LGBT stuff, “family” is kind of a big theme in this story. Perhaps that’s a given though?


Aren't you going to have breakfast, sweetie?
No, I'm not really hungry.
But you haven't even eaten anything yet.
And you could at least comb your hair...
I dunno. I just don't have much of an appetite lately.
Is everything okay, baby? Are you coming down with something?
No,ma... I'm fine...
Don't take that out until i tell you to.
I just... I have a lot on my mind lately...
Do you need to stay home from school today, baby?
I'm off too, so I could take care of you if need be.

Gavin is thinking to himself:

I can stay home... and get rest...?
Perhaps take some time to think of how to approach Maria and Rain...
Might not be such a bad...-
Mom'll be home ALL day?
Likely nagging me for answers?
Screw it. I'll take my chances.

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