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Author Notes

With the stage for Rain, Fara and Vincent's night set, let's shift focus and see how some of the other characters are doing.  ^_^

I spent at least a month trying to get a design for Chanel's dress here.  I knew that I wanted something very gothic lolita, but coming up with the right design sure was a challenge.  I don't want to pat myself on the back too much, but I'm pleased with the end result I've come to.

Actually, I'm rather fond of Maria's outfit too (although, you may have actually seen this one before in supplemental material).  It's kinda nice to finally be able to do something different with her hair too (thanks to it getting longer, little by little).  I think it's a good look for her all around.

Kindly's is a parody on the restaurant Friendly's, by the way.  Chanel is taking Maria out to dinner, yes, but she IS working with a 14-year old's allowance-based budget.  A cheap restaurant is perfect for them.


Oh my god! Look at you! You're so adorable
Y-you like it? I thought you might, but I wasn't quite sure.
I didn't expect you to be into something like this, but yeah, it's a good look for you. Maybe I should make you one sometime.
You would?
Oh, but it's your birthday. It shouldn't be about what you do for me. We're here for you.
No, Nelly. We're here for us.

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