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Author Notes

We'll catch up with Maria and Chanel again a bit later. This time, let's check up on Gavin and Rudy... and Kylie. ^_^

Rather than a spiffily dressed date scene, we get some single folks wearing whatever because, "screw this stupid holiday." I wonder what kind of shenanigans this crew will be getting into tonight.


You know what, screw Valentine's Day. I don't need to feel like this. It's not a real holiday anyway. It has no meaning.
What about St. Valentine?
No meaning!
Ha ha ha. I hear you though. If I actually had a girlfriend, I wouldn't wait until some stupid holiday is enforced to tell her I love her.
I'm sure you'd make a great boyfriend.
I do wish you weren't the only one saying that.
I could go home, grab something out of Maria's closet and come back as Ruby if that would help.
...It's okay.
Hey, guys. Is everybody single here, or did you get desperate?
Oh, hey Ky.
I'm not quite that desperate.
You say that, but you hesitated when I brought up drag!

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