Rain:51: The Best Week Ever

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Author Notes

I get such amusement out of watching Gavin become progressively more and more exhausted as the week goes on. And albeit unintentional, I’m further amused by how he kinda looks like Stephen Stills from the “Scott Pilgrim” graphic novels by the time Friday rolls around.

On the other hand, while this is basically a gag page, if I’ve done my job right, you might be feeling bad for Gavin after you’ve finished your hearty laugh.

By the way, I’m just throwing this out because I’m not sure if this has been entirely clear: the whole story thus far has only covered a five days at this point. Chapter 1 was Monday and chapter 2 was Tuesday. The rest of the school week was covered in this page. Hence, we’re up to Friday evening now. ^_^



So, I'm like, "Gavin! Quit being such a douche!"
Um... Maria. I think he can hear you.


So, are you ever going to tell us what's going on with you and Maria and Rain?
I already told you what I think happened, didn't I?
And nobody asked you then either.


School Nurse:
You've been suffering insomnia and nausea all week? Sure sounds to me like someone's just trying to get out of going to his classes.
School Nurse:
Oh, and Father Quenton wanted me to tell you that you have detention for letting that stubble get out of hand.

Friday - After school

Ah... Home sweet home. I thought this week would never end.
Gavin, baby. There's a spider in the bathroom. Could you take care of it for me.
So... When can I go back to school...?

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