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Author Notes

Oh, god.  Rain's so happy, she might start flying.  XD

Fara meanwhile is perhaps understandably concerned.  Not apprehensive though; I want to make sure that distinction is clear.  Just eager to make sure that everything that's happening with her niece is right.  In case you hadn't caught on in the last 500 pages, Rain is pretty much the most important thing in the world to Fara.  She wants to make sure she's healthy and happy at all times. 


After the session:

Do you mind just hanging out in the waiting room. I'll catch up in a few minutes.
Okay. No problem.
Is she going to be ready for it? It's only been two sessions.
There isn't a doubt in my mind that she knows what she wants for herself, and extending her wait is not going to ready her more.
Hormones can be scary, sure. But it's something one needs to experience to really be able to adapt to. And she's a tougher kid than she gives herself credit for. Taking a couple pills every morning isn't going to rock her world that much.
Will it be a walk in the park? No. But her guardian will lead her through that stuff if need be.
I'll... do my best.
I know you will.

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