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Vincent has just approved Rain to start HRT. Rain is excited and wants to tell someone, but all the friends who know she is trans are busy. Just as Rain is contemplating telling Emily, her phone rings and she sees it is from Emily.

Author Notes

That moment when you're looking at your phone, and it suddenly rings and is at a much higher volume than you thought, hence scaring the bejeezus out of you. XD

As for the caller... well, this could get interesting. Place your bets here, folks. Will Rain come out to her, or will she opt not to? If she does, how would Emily react? If she doesn't, can Rain dodge a slip-up given how excited she is?


Jessica is working. Maria and Chanel are on a date right now. Neither Gavin nor Ky are answering their phones. And I'm sure Rudy doesn't want to hear about this.
I'm so excited and I want to tell someone so bad!
Never thought I'd say this, but I don't think enough people know I'm transgender. I must be insane to even consider that.
There's always Emily, but...

Rain's cellphone rings.

Rain's cellphone rings.

It's... Emily.

Rain's cellphone rings.

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