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Author Notes

Centerville Mall, yes. For a long time, I’ve been struggling to come up with a name for the town where the story takes place (even going so far as to consider just never naming it at all). I finally settled on Centerville, which is kind of throwback to an old, abandoned story idea of mine, “Everyday Life”. Although, that story was considerably sillier, as the town was surrounded by other locations like Uptown, Left City and South by Southeast Place. I won’t go that far in this, but I feel Centerville is generic enough to work. In a way, I DO sort of consider “Rain” to be kind of like the successor of that old story, so the name of the town just feels right to me.

Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my favorite pages to do are STILL those involving Rain and Fara bickering. My maintain my stance. ^_^


Wow. I can't believe I drove by this place so many times before noticing it.
Me too, considering how I kept pointing and telling you to pull in there.
You know what? Shut up.
It's huge... Are you going to be okay in a big crowed place like this without me, Rain?
Maria and Rudy will be there too, so I think it'll be okay.
Oh, and could I maybe borrow a little bit of money?
What money? Have you seen the tuition bill?
Please! The new Kaminari is supposed to have come out this week.
Okay, fine. But don't forget to give me back the ch-
Thanks, Aunt Fara! I'll call you on Maria's phone when I'm ready to be picked up.
I know I should be happy that she's finally making friends who accept her...

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