Rain:532: Non-Serious Relationships


Heather reveals that she is open to and prefers non-serious relationships.

Author Notes

Heather continues to slowly develop while simultaneously revealing next to nothing about herself. I wonder where this is all going...

I do want to stress that I'm not necessarily trying to label Heather as aromantic (just because I'm sure someone will suggest it), so much as I'm trying to express that she's afraid of commitment (which is not necessarily the same thing). This has admittedly already been more or less said, but the little additions here will make sense in time.


Are you even looking right now?
Not really. Part of me thinks I could use a good rebound fling to take my mind off my ex for even a little bit. But I know that's a really bad idea.
It's not SO bad... I'm open to non-serious relationships myself. I prefer them, even.
Is that why you don't talk about your dating life?
Yeah, I don't really date much. I like to keep it short and sweet and potentially mostly physical. Nothing that requires any commitment.
Any particular reason?
Just easier.
You're a very simple person, huh?
Not really. But that's why I like "easy".

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