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Author Notes

I really wasn't planning on continuing to beat this dead horse. But it just fit so well, I couldn't help myself. XD

Running gag aside, Gavin actually brings up some interesting points here. But do you think he's right? I mean, Rudy must know by now it's over between him and Rain, right? So what DOES he want from her?


I'm surprised you didn't ask out Ky.
I thought about it. But what about Ana?
What ABOUT her? She's probably just leading you on.
I guess it's possible but-
You should do it. Ask Ky out when she gets back!
Why do you want me away from Ana so badly? You were there when Rain told me to go for it. I get you want to help Rain, but what you're doing isn't helpful to her or anyone.
Move on already! You're spending so much time worrying about Rain that you're not giving yourself a chance to recover from the breakup. And for all your desire to help her, it's just making you bitter.
Can I let you in on a little secret about Rain?
Uh, what?
Dude, she's a lesbian...

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