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This probably seems like a really random topic change, but Rudy doesn't want to talk to Gavin and probably doesn't want to talk about Rain (and Ky probably doesn't want to talk about Emily). With possible topics narrowed down, this seems like a next best thing for them (this topic needed to be in there sooner or later anyway). XD

I'd like to make a disclaimer that this does NOT account for the experience of ALL genderfluid people though; just Kylie's (hence the specificity of the page title). In other words, some may identify exactly with what she's going through. Some may not. 

Anyway, we could more or less piece most of the information said on this page together before now. But I wanted this explanation to be said straight out at least once. It'll make sense later. ^_^ 


Welcome back. Gavin's making too much sense and it's annoying the snot out of me. So I'm gonna talk to you.
Hello, Ky.
Heh. Hi, Rudy.
Can I ask a weird question?
What's this look right now anyway? The hood really makes you look a boy, but you clearly did nothing to hide your boobs and just walked into the ladies room. Are you going for male or female?
Uh... kinda both, actually.
I usually just dress how I feel. If I feel femmy, I dress femmy. If I feel like guy, I dress like one. When It's black and white like that, it's easy.
But I don't exactly choose how I'm going to feel. And when my look doesn't match how I feel, I get really uncomfortable.
And every once in a while, I kinda feel like both... or neither...
It's confusing, but it doesn't happen often.
Well, what's your deal? You like wearing dresses and junk, right? Are you trans or genderfluid or whatever?
I like being a guy, if that's what you mean.
It's not like a need or anything. I don't HAVE to wear dresses. I don't get uncomfortable or dysphoric or anything. I just like doing it.

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