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Hey, it's... Drew and Randy? That's random... or maybe not.

Don't worry too much about what Rudy and Kylie are saying though. Drew and Randy are actually a fair distance away and in the mall (with probably some obnoxious Muzak playing in the background), so they probably didn't hear anything.

This could be the moment a lot of people have been waiting for for a very long time. Should be interesting.


And can you believe Rob refused to hang out with me tonight because he thought I was asking him on a date?
But this is what I like about you, Randy. You're not a judgmental bastard like most of the rest of our class. You and Rain are like the only ones that actually heard me out.
My sister always gives the most defeated looks when I'm in boy mode. At first it made me feel guilty, but now I think it's kinda funny.
Big sisters, for you. Maria yells or groans every time I wear a dress. Although that's probably 'cause it's her dresses. Ha ha!
Was that Rudy?
And that other kid...
Talk to you later, Randy!

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