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Chanel continues to self-deprecate about not being good enough for Maria and worries about Maria leaving her next year. Maria responds that she loves Chanel and Chanel should stop worrying about it.

Author Notes

Yes, one last bit of MarNel before moving back to Rain. The next update WILL feature Rain again at last. Sorry again for the wait, but thank you for your patience. So we're gonna stop hassling me, right? ^_^ 

Still, before that let's talk about what's going on above. Poor Chanel is an incredibly insecure person, but are her fears justified? Do you think Maria's words put her mind at ease? Can Maria even promise something like this given all the instability in her home life right now? After all of the above, how healthy would you say this relationship is right now? 


Thank you for the wonderful night, Nelly. You're too good to me sometimes.
You're welcome, although... I still wish I had more money, so I could've taken you somewhere nicer.
No, don't be like that. Apart from my venting, everything was great.
Why do you always talk like that? You worry so much about doing something wrong or not being good enough for me. I don't understand.
If anything, I have to step up MY game. Ha ha!
I don't know. I just worry that you might go somewhere. That you might find someone better. That I might get left behind.
So I feel like I have to be perfect for you.
Where do you think I'm going?
You graduate in four months. And then college, most likely. And I'm sure you're going to want to move out of your parents' place as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I'll still be stuck in high school for another three years. And it's not like I can just ask you to wait for-

Maria kisses Chanel

I love you, Chanel Montoya!
So I will wait. I'll move out, but I'll stay close. I'll just go to a local college. Centerville University is supposed to be a pretty good school, you know.
Do you really want to do that though?
I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.
But you could do better. You could find someone who isn't asexual and-
I don't care if I can do better. I don't even believe that! And I don't care that you're ace. I don't want someone else. I want you, Chanel. I'm in love with you, not your label.
Because YOU are worth it.
So please stop talking like this. No more self-deprecation. No more worrying about me leaving you. No more trying to convince me I could do better. It just makes me sad and worry that I'm doing something wrong.
I promise I'm not going anywhere unless you're going with me.

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