Rain:545: Pieces Come Together

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Emily explains to Rain how Emily already suspected Rain is trans, and that Emily feels a bit hurt to be the only one Rain hadn't told.

Author Notes

The Flashbacks all refer to actual scenes.
Panel 3 - p.348
Panel 4 - p.189/191
Panel 5 - p.303
Panel 6 - p.222
Panel 7 - p.401
Panel 8 - p.9

On their own, none of these points would probably out Rain, especially if you weren't looking for or expecting it.  Even altogether, nothing is actually confirmed.  But as Emily says, if you know enough about the subject, it would be plausible for her to suspect it at this point.  Thankfully, she also knows enough about the subject to not bring it up herself.

On the last panel of the second page, we see both girls lower their phones and the background starts blending.  They are not physically next to each other now; rather, I started getting experimental.  I didn't want this and the following several pages to consist entirely of two people with their phones glued to their heads.  Besides being tedious to draw, I figure it'd get tedious to look at.  With that in mind, I saw a perfect opportunity for some symbolism.  So what the hey?  I don't like having to explain this kinda stuff, but sometimes it's easier for me to just say it straight out.


Who told you?
No one. Not directly anyway. I've had my hunches, but I knew there wasn't really an appropriate way to ask. I felt like if I was right, you'd eventually make the call to tell me or not yourself.
I overheard you talking about "starting transition" in the halls at one point. I was just walking up and only vaguely caught that. And heck, it could mean a lot of things.
But then little pieces here and there really came together.
Your relationship and breakup with Rudy
Something my ex once said to me.
Your skipping gym so often, and never changing in the locker room anyway.
That I was asked to pitch in for a congratulatory gift for your going to therapy.
Up to and including even your vocal slip up on the very first day of school.
Don't get me wrong. If I hadn't studied practically all there is to know about gender identity when I was trying to figure out my orientation years ago, I'd probably never have picked up on any of that. And even then, if you'd told me you weren't transgender, I'd probably never have questioned it again.
Th-thank you
And I don't think anyone else knows. This sort of thing would never stay quiet at school, so I'm sure you're safe for now.
That's actually pretty comforting to hear
But you're not mad? Or weirded out?
It's different, for sure. I haven't knowingly met any trans people, but I don't have a problem with it as long as you're safe.
I mean, you're still my little sis.
But I won't lie. I am a little hurt that you kept it from what seems like only me. I realize I should be grateful you're sharing this with me at all, but...
I thought we were close. To be the only one left in the dark does sting a little...
I'm... sorry...

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