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Rain explains to Emily that Emily is the first person Rain has come out to intentionally: all her other friends and family found out on their own. Rain also says Emily is the first person she's told about getting approved to start HRT.

Author Notes

Man, it is so hard to bite my tongue and not say anything sometimes. A good chunk of the reader comments on the previous page were "but wait, isn't Emily the first one Rain's actually come out to?" And then along comes the next page. XD

Technically though, if you've read the bonus chapter in Volume 1, you know Rain's come out to at least one other person, but even that wasn't really something she planned/wanted to do; "it just kinda came out". And I guess you could argue that the very first page of the whole story where little Ryan says to mom, brother and sister, "I wanna be a mommy!" might count. I don't know if I would personally though, given that Ryan didn't understand the unfortunate stigma attached to that statement back then. Also, Vincent is arguable, but Rain kinda HAD to say it if she wanted to transition (even still, she hesitated; and Jessica technically told him first anyway).

So Emily really is the first one to get it directly from Rain's mouth, because Rain actually wanted to tell her. And Emily's definitely the first to be told of her hormone approval. ^_^


W-well... if it makes you feel any better, you're actually the first person - besides Aunt Fara, I guess - that I came out to.
What do you mean? All your friends know.
Actually, Gavin, Maria and Rudy figured it out on their own.
Ky and Chanel learned by accident.
Someone tipped my brother off, and Aunt Fara told my sister for me.
Even when I told Aunt Fara, I was kinda cornered into it.
Emily, you're the first person I really WANTED to tell.
I... am?
It's actually been pretty hard not to say it... because you ARE important to me. I wanted you to know, but the words wouldn't come out.
So I'm just saying it all now! I'm transgender. And I just got approved for hormone replacement therapy. Like, not even an hour ago!
You're actually the first one to know!
Rain... congratulations. A-and I'm honored.

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