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Author Notes

Fact: Trans girls ARE real girls. Trans boys ARE real boys. The sex we were assigned at birth is not our "real sex". We didn't "used to be" the sex we were assigned at birth. Our given name is not our "real name". We are exactly who and what we say we are.

Mind you, if anyone's gotten this far into the comic and hasn't realized this yet, I'd be surprised. Still, it's important so I wanted to make sure it was said.


Sigh... I do feel kinda stupid now though.
What? Why?
I should have just said something sooner! I mean, you've always been so good to me, and everyone else knew. But despite how much I wanted to tell you, some part of me felt like I shouldn't fill you in. Like, you were the one friend that actually just saw me as a girl and not specifically as a trans girl. I really DID want you to know, but I was afraid to lose that.
But I guess... you saw it that way anyway. It was all meaningless.
I didn't say that! And your logic is flawed. A trans girl IS a girl. You should knwo that better than anyone. That means nothing's changed.
I may have wondered if you were trans, but I never doubted you were female. Transgender or not, you were always a REAL girl to me. You're exactly the same as me or Maria or Chanel.
I can't vouch for how your other friends feel about you, but I doubt that they think of you as anything other than female either, or they probably would've already outed you by now, purposely or not.
As for me, I don't care what your body looks like. You're still you... and what you are is female.

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