Rain:54: Legs

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Author Notes

Maria’s inner conflict continues much to our amusement. In her defense though, Rain legs are damn fine if I do say so myself.

Then we have the always impulsive Rudy, and the mischief he unwittingly causes. Or… does he know exactly what he’s doing?


Hi, Maria! I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner. Aunt Fara had a lot of trouble finding this place for some reason
Why's your face all red?
W-what face? It's not red.
Dammit, Maria. Stop blushing and stop staring at Rain's legs.
Rain's perfect beautiful legs...
So, um... ahem...
You guys haven't actually come to the mall yet? But haven't you been living in town for a month now?
I mean it's not like there's really anywhere else to go around here.
Actually, I'm really kind of a homebody most of the time. You know, just reading manga or playing video games or something
Comics and games, huh? Well, i think i know how to begin your of the mall then.
Lead the way
Oh, hey Rain!
So, what did Gavin want?
He just wanted to talk.
So I invited him along.

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