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Cons are a great place to get cool stuff you might not otherwise find.  Even though my con experience is limited, it's how I got my Sylveon plushie that I love oh so much.  ^_^

Again, I'm not really sure what's safe for me to add to the conversation, so I'll let you guys take it from here.  ^_^


Wh-what? No! it's nothing like that!
We have more of a sisterly bond.
Plus, she'd already offered to be emotional support when I confront Aiken and Kellen.
Why are you blushing like that when you talk about a sister figure?
Huh? I... I'm just nervous thinking about the trip. I'm looking forward to it, but I don't doubt it'll be stressful.

Everyone looks at each other.

Aaaaanyway. Awkward questions aside, if you're the only one of us going to this con, you have a responsibility.
There's this Mad GigaKaizer X Neo model...
...the Neo part is important.
It's not sold in the US. So could you be a doll and see if anyone's peddling it there?
Okay. Getting my Kaminari collection signed take priority, but I'll do what I can. Anyone else have any requests?

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