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Author Notes

Poor Jessica.  

Chase can't POSSIBLY be safe to come out to, can he?  I mean, how do you imagine that would go?  But if he still seems like a gent so far, and she does have a thing for him, would there be any way around telling him in her current state?


Come to think of it, I haven't seen you much lately either. What've you been up to?
Oh! Have I told you about this new guy I met recently?
Oh? New boyfriend?
Well, not a boyfriend, per se. But we've been seeing each other a lot this past week.
He's actually taller than me, Rain. Do you know how hard it is for me to find a guy that's taller than me around here? I couldn't even wear heels around Aiken.
But... Does he... know? I mean, you know... about you...?
No. Therein lies my eternal dilemma. He seems to be interested in me, and god, I wouldn't complain. But after the whole Aiken situation, I'm more hesitant than ever.
I've never liked coming out anyway. Given my history, it'd probably go really sour really fast if I told him.
But enough about me! How about your love life?
Ha! What love life?

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