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Author Notes

It seems like no one is 100% confident about this.  That's ALWAYS a good sign.  </sarcasm>

Also, hey look!  A background.  I spent a long time setting this page up because I wanted to draw that building, but really, I'm not sure what made it so special that I had to go into that much detail.  I really COULD have had Kellen live in a house apartment like Rain and Fara (and that was in fact what I envisioned when I wrote the script for this page), but when it came time to draw, my hands decided they wanted a complex... WITH a brief car scene.  

So, yeah.  This page was a bit of a pain to make for not really having anything happen.  At this point, I'm probably just stalling the reunion, I think.  XD


February 22nd, 2013 - Friday 12:28 PM:

We're here.
Maybe it's too late to ask this one last time, but you're sure about doing this? A weekend can be a long time if things go sour.
But Emily will be with me. And if they turn out to be jerks, I'll just have fun at the con.
And you keep a close eye on Puddle. Don't forget to feed him or anything.
If I do, Jessica's there too. You worry about you.
Also, hopefully all goes well, but call or text me anytime if you need to come home sooner. Even in the middle of the night. I promise I won't be drinking and I'll be right over.
I appreciate that.
Please keep a close eye on her.
Of course.

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