Rain:567: A Good Feeling

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Kellen misgenders Rain right after seeing her. Rain moves to leave, but Aiken convinces her to stay.

Author Notes

Promising start...?  Uh, er...

Just a show of hands for my curiosity, in Rain's position, how many of you would've kept walking?  Why do you think Rain stopped walking away?


Are you nervous?
Nah. I've got a good feeling.

Rain knocks the door
Kellen opens the door

Baby bro! So good to see you.

Rain appears annoyed, and Emily is shocked
Rain walks away with visible anger marks

So much for that.
Rain, wait!
Give her a chance. Please!

Rain walks back while Aiken sighs in relief

Rain looks down

It's good to see you too, Kellen.

Emily looks shocked with no pupils

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