Rain:572: What Would Mom Say?

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Rain talks about her first memory, and answers why she never talked about it afterwards

Author Notes

Remember on the last page, where Rain was all like, "give me a minute"?  Well, originally, this was where we were going to give her a minute and cut away to another scene.  That other scene though, has been a pain in the butt to write and still requires tweaking, so it will instead be delayed.  I guess we'll keep on this path for now, but sometime before the next chapter, I'll add that scene and probably slide it in between this and the last page (I'll keep you posted so no one gets too confused).

Anyway, flashback to the very first page and an unsettling final panel mentioning Mr. Flaherty for the first time in a while.

Rain's backstory is actually very similar to my own here.  Although not identical, I also said something like that when I was three or four and was shot down, resulting in years of fear of bringing it up again.  I didn't grow out of it either.  Maybe Rain will write a webcomic in ten years too.  XD


This is so weird, and trying to pretend it's not is just exhausting.
It's a little less awkward the second time.
But either way, it's worth it to keep this family together.
What do you think mom would say about this?
She said it was a phase.
Seriously? You told mom?
You guys were in the room when I told her.
I honestly don't remember that.
Me neither. When was this?
I don't really know. It's like my first memory. I think I was three or four or something.
I just kinda blurted it out. You guys laughted. I cried. Mom said I'd get over it.
I didn't...
But if you've been feeling this way your whole life, why didn't you say another word about it after that? Why now, all of a sudden?
I wanted to, but like I said, the first time I brought it up, I was ridiculed by you - my family - for it.
I just became afraid to talk about it again.
I thought about trying again a few years later, but...
...But dad was the first to find out. And he pretty much killed whatever hope I still had left for me to be accepted.

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