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It's more or less been established that none of the Flaherty kids like their father, so it should be no surprise that at least one among them wouldn't want to take that conversation any farther.  And here, we get Aiken oddly enough saving the day yet again.  Rain's only too happy to get off the subject herself.  Kellen... well, no one ever really knows what she wants. XD

It's hard to say if Aiken knows specifically what Rain's talking about when she says "Kaminari", but it is yet another friendly reminder of how much she really HASN'T changed since the old geeky Ryan he used to know.  Although presenting in a way he's still struggling to get used to, she IS the same person she always was.  It seems like such a small thing, but I've seen stuff like that be a game-changer for opposing parties before.

In regards to "Assault on Colossus" (a hopefully obvious play on Attack on Titan), do keep in mind that it's 2013 in the story's canon right now.  Keeping it time-relavant, the show wouldn't have actually aired yet, so future fans in the Rainverse still have lots soul crushing to look forward to. XD


H-hey! How about we don't talk about this right now! That's all long in the past. So what say we focus on the "now stuff"?
How about that con, huh? Is everyone excited or is it just me?
Aiken, just stop. You're not helping.
I'm SO excited!
I brought my whole collection of Kaminari volumes to be signed by the creator tomorrow. I'm SO pumped.
Have you heard of this new anime coming out soon, Assault on Colossus? It looks so frickin' cool.
It totally does! Do you think there's going to be a new trailer at the con?
I think he helped quite a bit, actually.

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