Rain:577: That Little Brat

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Jessica reveals she knows a teenager named Emily who is pregnant, causing Chase to spit out his drink.

Author Notes

I don't know if Jessica will be going on any more dates with Chase.  Since learning all this, she seems a pretty unimpressed.

Incidentally, I saw a lot of comments on the last page revolving around people hoping Jessica would tear Chase a new one, whether physically or verbally.  Technically, she can't confirm that Chase's ex and Rain's friend are necessarily one in the same from this information (there's reasonable suspicion, but not confirmation).  If she could, she'd probably be a lot angrier, for sure.  In lieu of a beatdown though, I hope watching Chase's mind break will suffice.  Because while HE can't necessarily confirm it either, the possibility alone is enough to scare the crap out of him

Oh, also: return of the spit take.  Lucky for Randy, he's not old enough to go to a bar.  XD


I'm just glad that little brat stopped calling me. I can get back to living my life.
Well, it must have been really cool for her to date an adult.
Eh. Emily just liked to think SHE was an adult. Always bossing me around. Always had to be right.
Running theme, you see. I get all the crazy ones.
What're you trying to say about me?
Ha ha! Nothing, nothing!
Emily, huh? I actually do know a high schooler named Emily. Friend of a friend. I don't know her well, but she's a pretty sweet kid as far as I can tell.
It's not that uncommon of a name; they're probably not the same person.
Well geez, if you're an honest guy, I should hope not. The Emily I know is about four months pregnant.

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