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Author Notes

All that karma might be catching up to Chase.  And what a coincidence that the conversation should segue into a little bit of talk about the baby.  And then Kellen snarks.  Dinner with the folks is always fun, huh?  

And then... uh, swim?  

Sorry for the awkward cut-off.  I did consider having this be a two-pager with the next one.  There are actually kind of a lot of two-pagers (and a three-pager) coming up soonish though, so in favor of not burning myself out anything that didn't need two pages just didn't get it.


I recognize that number. I know I deleted him from my contacts, but I'm pretty sure that's Chase. What the hell does he want?
Everything okay? You can take that if it's important.
Uh... n-no. Just a solicitor. I'll look into it later.
Sorry for the interruption. I'll just silence it.
Anyway, you were asking me something, Aiken?
Oh, yeah. The baby. Is it a boy or a girl?
I don't know yet.
Got a preference?
Doesn't matter. I just want a happy kid.
Geez, guys. Does everything we talk about have to revolve around gender?
Do you still like to swim?

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