Rain:57: Passing Time

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Author Notes

And now back to… Aunt Fara? Wait, what does this have to do with anything?

The story is evolving a little with Chapter 3. You may have noticed that the main cast is all divided now. Rain and Maria have just entered the book store together. Rudy is waiting for Gavin to have a “man-to-man talk” elsewhere at the mall. And then we have Fara, who is left to her own devices at the moment. For the first time, we’re seeing the story go in multiple directions all at once (I did cut around before, but everything was basically related then). In a way, we’re going to be seeing three different stories going on at once here (which has a lot to do with the segmentation in the chapter page; wink, wink) so I hope you all enjoy what’s to come.

Our move back to Fara here is mostly transitional, but it has relevance thanks to her “pity-party monologuing”, and it is kinda funny (I mean, who HASN’T been in this situation before?). Plus, the livingroom in panel 2 may be the spiffiest looking background I ever did draw (nevermind that it’s still hardly a masterpiece).


The apartment feels bigger without Rain...
I guess I'm not used to her not being around.
I mean, this is the first time I've really known her to have friends. Usually, she just clings to me all the time.
So, now that she's not here, I actually don't know what to do with myself.
D'ah! Enough with the pity-party monologue, Fara!
Rain's out having fun with friends for a couple hours and then she'll be back.
I can keep myself occupied!
I can read a book!
Play a video game!
Grade some homework!

Completely untouched

Pfft... Yeah, right.
And then, after biding all of that time, I can now go get her!
She'll be calling me any minute!

Only, like five minutes have passed.

Damn you, clock! Foiled again by your treachery!

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