Rain:580: Glaze Over

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Emily and Rain discuss their recent interaction with Kellen and Aiken.

Author Notes

Rain's exhausted face in panel 3 kinda cracks me up. XD

Other than that, not a lot to report here.  Just a sweet bonding page between Rain and Emily.


That night, 10:08PM:

Well, that wasn't really as bad as I expected.
Aiken doesn't seem so bad. The occasional ignorant question or misgendering, but he doesn't come off as being malicious... Just confused.
I agree. I think he's trying to be supportive.
Kellen, though...
I think she's trying to be as wrong as possible...
I'm amazed you're so on top of things. You haven't let her glaze over a single mistake. I feel like I would have just let a lot of those go if you weren't here.
I'm trying my best, but I'm worried I'm just pissing her off. She definitely doesn't like me.
I'm sorry. I do appreciate you doing so much for me though.
Then you don't need to apologize. It's what I'm here for, right?

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