Rain:584: Awake

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Kellen and Aiken discuss their recent interactions with Rain, and Aiken says he's reading about trans people online.

Author Notes

Meanwhile, the other non-sleeping people in this apartment also stay up late chatting with each other. It's not like they're all going to need that energy to walk around a crowded convention tomorrow or anything. Meh, it's plot. I'm sure they'll be fine. ;P


Still awake?
This isn't the most comfortable couch to sleep on.
Everything that's happened today, and this is what you apologize for?
...... ...... ......
How are you going along with this like nothing's wrong?
It is weird, initially. But I'm trying. And the more I listen to him-
Uh, her... the more I realize she's the same person she always was.
I just have to get used to calling her the right thing.
You sound like her- HIS obnoxious friend. What are you doing anyway?
Actually, I've been doing research on transgenderism recently.
Is there a cure?
It's not that kind of condition...

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