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Aiken explains to Kellen that he'd rather have a happy sister than an unhappy sibling pretending to be a brother.

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Er-hem. Uh... Merry Christmas? Sorry for the heavy page for the holidays. It's just kind of the way things lined up. ^^;

I think it's a good discussion page though. Do you think Aiken's research has any hope of getting through to Kellen? She says she "really hates this", but what exactly do you think this is that she hates? And how do we feel about Aiken's attitude? Last time we're seeing them for the rest of the chapter, so get your thoughts on the siblings out now. 


See, what I've read is that trying to cure her transgenderism would be like trying to cure her green eyes. There's nothing TO fix. It's just how she is.
There IS transition - possibly including hormone therapy and surgeries - which can reduce the dysphoria and depression, but there's no solution that would make that kid happy AND give us back Baby Bro at the same time.
See, I saw a very disturbing statistic that suicide is very common among trans people. I don't know if Rain's considered it or not; I hope not, but I don't want to know. But if she's really dealing with constant internal pain from trying to cope with who we all expected her to be, then I can imagine how that would eat at a person over time.
I'm not saying that's right. And I'm not saying I love that it had to be a our little brother. But I don't want anything drastic happening to that kid.
If I had to choose, I'd rather have her be a happy little sister than a permanently depressed ticking timebomb of a little brother. Either way, she's still family. And we don't have many other people we can call that. So, I don't want to lose her.
Does that... I dunno, at least make a little bit of sense?
...... ...... ......
But I still really hate this...

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