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Rain pulls Kellen (technically, her blanket) out of bed

Author Notes

I really probably could have started the chapter AT the con, and not spent more time in the period before they get there.  I was loving a lot of the humor here though, and felt that might be appreciated after the way the last chapter ended.

Plus, I really like seeing Rain's progression as she develops into a stronger person.


Come oooon, Kellen! Why are you still sleeping? It's almost noon!
I don't have school today, mom. It's Saturday...

Rain pulls Kellen's blanket

Nooooo! My precious blankets! How could you!?
I'm not missing the creator of Kaminari because you couldn't be bothered to wake up before mid day. Center Con has already started!
Got her up.
More pancakes?
I'm good, thank you.
Why is it you've got more balls as a girl than you ever did as a boy?
Uh... just try to ignore her.
I know. I'm not going to let anything break my spirit today.

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